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About Weight Loss

Medically supervised weight loss services are an ideal way to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. At the office of Jessica Levatino, MD, in Palo Alto, California, you can access a variety of resources that help you lose weight efficiently and safely under the careful supervision of a primary care physician. Dr. Levatino works closely with you on lifestyle changes, dietary improvements, and exercise plans, so you can reduce your risk for obesity-related illnesses. To learn more about the benefits of the available weight loss services, call the office of Jessica Levatino, MD, or book an appointment online today.

What’s involved in medically supervised weight loss?

Dr. Levatino discusses your diet and general lifestyle and can also screen for underlying health issues that contribute to your weight loss struggle.

After a careful evaluation of your lifestyle, your existing health, and your medical history, Dr. Levatino can help you create a diet plan. Your diet should incorporate plenty of fresh foods and limit excess calories, sugar, and processed products. Dr. Levatino can also help you explore different exercises that support healthy weight loss. 

If you have underlying health issues that interfere with your ability to lose weight, Dr. Levatino can create a treatment plan to better manage them. 

What are the benefits of medically supervised weight loss?

Dr. Levatino’s weight loss services keep you accountable for meeting your weight loss goals. You meet with her regularly for weigh-ins and health evaluations to keep you on track with healthy weight loss. You also get the benefit of a customized weight loss plan, which Dr. Levatino designs based on your individual needs, your medical history, and your existing health.

If you’re struggling to drop excess weight, schedule a weight loss consultation online or by calling the office of Jessica Levatino, MD, today.