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About Urgent Care

Sudden injuries or illnesses that need medical attention often require a trip to the emergency room. With the urgent care services available at the office of Jessica Levatino, MD, in Palo Alto, California, you no longer have to wait hours to be seen. Dr. Levatino provides personalized urgent care services for a wide variety of injuries and chronic health conditions. She can also meet with you in your own home for some urgent care matters. Learn more about the benefits of urgent care by calling the office of Jessical Levatino, MD, or by booking a consultation online today.

What urgent care services are available?

To address your urgent care needs, Dr. Levatino offers a variety of diagnostic technologies in-office. She may request bloodwork, X-rays, or other tests to confirm your diagnosis in addition to performing a comprehensive physical exam.

Dr. Levatino also provides the latest treatment options available for urgent care conditions. She can clean and care for open wounds and abscesses, prescribe medications for pain and infections, and offer recommendations to help sprains and strains heal properly.

If you or your child needs urgent care for asthma or other chronic respiratory conditions, Dr. Levatino offers breathing treatments and medications in-office. She can also address allergic reactions like skin rashes, breathing difficulties, and gastrointestinal issues with a customized care plan.

Depending on your unique medical needs, Dr. Levatino can also refer you for additional testing and treatment with a specialist or an area hospital.

What are the benefits of urgent care?

The urgent care services available at Jessica Levatino, MD, provide you with the highest-quality medical care without the hassles of the hospital emergency room.

You won’t have to wait long to be seen or to receive your diagnosis. Dr. Levatino’s concierge-style house call services also allow for visits in your own home. You won’t have to leave your house when you’re too sick or too injured to travel.

Urgent care services also ensure you receive the medical care you need without exposing you to other sick people in a hospital environment.

If you need an urgent care appointment, call the office of Jessica Levatino, MD, or book an appointment online today.