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About Primary Care

Jessica Levatino, MD, offers comprehensive, concierge-style primary care services for all of the health care needs of adolescents and adults. In addition to in-office appointments at her office in Palo Alto, California, Dr. Levatino can also meet with you in your home to ensure you’re healthy and functioning optimally. As a primary care provider, she specializes in diagnosing, treating, and preventing acute and chronic illnesses and focuses on educating patients to improve their quality of life. To schedule a primary care consultation, call the office of Jessica Levatino, MD, today or book an appointment online.

What is primary care?

Primary care describes integrated medical services that focus on your physical health and mental wellness. Primary care services include routine physicals, patient education, medication monitoring, sick visits, and chronic disease management.

Dr. Levatino also provides preventive health services to reduce your risk factors for chronic diseases common with aging and genetic factors. These services include routine screenings for conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure, as well as weight loss counseling. 

What can I expect during my initial primary care visit?

When you first meet with Dr. Levatino, she takes time to better understand your personal and family medical histories and your current health needs. You can expect to discuss any existing medical conditions you have, the treatments you’re receiving, and concerns you have about your health. You should also provide information about your lifestyle, such as your diet and your exercise routine. 

Dr. Levatino performs a physical exam to evaluate aspects of your health, and may also order bloodwork or other preventive screenings to assess how well your body is functioning. She discusses with you any issues she finds that may require treatment or lifestyle changes you need to make to improve your health. 

How often do I need to schedule a primary care visit?

You should schedule a physical at least once a year, even if you’re healthy and not having any symptoms. This visit gives Dr. Levatino the opportunity to track changes in your health from year to year. A physical also helps her identify potential health issues, such as high blood pressure or Type 2 diabetes, in the earliest stages.

If you have an existing health condition, Dr. Levatino establishes a timeline for regular checkups to ensure your condition is under control. You may also need additional visits to evaluate your health if you're taking prescription medications. 

Dr. Levatino also offers sick visit appointments when you’re not feeling well because of an acute or chronic health condition. She even makes house calls when you’re too sick to travel to the office. 

To schedule a primary care visit in-office or in your home, call the office of Jessica Levatino, MD, today or book a consultation online.