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Where Medicine Meets Hospitality
Members only medical care, expertly and elegantly delivered when and where you need it.
A Patient Care relationship that is unmatched by design

Dr Levatino’s patients gain access to world-class medical facilities and concierge service. A limited number of memberships are allowed to give the highest standard of care in a private setting.

Our Memberships

For You
Gain access to an individual membership plan personalized for your medical needs.
For Your Family
Gain access for your entire family to have Concierge care to fit each members personal needs.
For Your Business
Unlock access for Executive Physicals and Preventative Care for your Company.  

Included in Your Membership

Timely Access for All Health Needs
same day appointments and urgent care visits, with virtual, phone and email access to your physician.
House Calls
Timely house calls to address all of your needs saving you time and energy for those days you don’t feel well or would prefer a home visit.
Extended Appointments
Our appointments last as long as necessary to handle your medical needs

Preventative Health Care
By coordinating the appropriate screening tests and counseling visits, Dr. Levatino can help prevent illness and keep you feeling as healthy as possible.
Cancer Screening
Staying up to date with age-appropriate cancer screening is essential to our long-term well-being. We also offer patients who are concerned or have a family history of cancer, the latest technological advancements for cancer and preventative scans. We also look for mutations that can predispose patients to particular cancers.
Stress Management 
We utilize a holistic approach and believe stress, and life obstacles, are important aspects to address with your health. We provide individualized techniques to address your specific goals.
Mental Health
As part of Dr Levatino care, we recognize mental health is an important part of our wellbeing, and an undertreated part of healthcare. We help recognize all mental health issues to provide appropriate treatments.
Tobacco Issues
Tobacco use is a significant factor leading to cancer, cardiac issues, and stroke. Dr Levatino’s mission is to help you live a healthy lifestyle to keep you and your families health free of second-hand smoke with up to date treatment.
Health, Nutrition, Weight loss
There are many factors that contribute to disease prevention, and it comes with how we feed our body and exercise. Sometimes with the help of a nutrition and fitness regime, we can prevent Diabetes and many other health complications.

Home Care/Elderly Needs
As we progress into different chapters of our life different needs arise. We can assist with setting up home health aides, rehab, as well as acute and long-term care for those who have chronic conditions or dementia.
"Very efficient visit. All my concerns were answered..."
Joseph K.
"Dr. Levatino was very nice, listened to my concerns and explained what was going on..."
Mansi D.
"Dr. Jessica was great :)"
Mansi D.
"Such a kind and caring woman!"
Sydney A.
"Always available and takes care of what I need."
Chris G.
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Dedicated Patient Care Coordination
We take your Patient needs with the utmost importance, and act as a personal guide to help with your medical care. We also act as a liaison to help navigate the health system beyond our office.