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Covid-19 Services

Treatment and care in a serene
and private setting.
How Can Dr.Levatino Help with COVID-19

Our members only model allows easier access to care, testing and management as positive cases continue to rise, and the cold/flu season is coming upon us. If you contract COVID-19 Dr Levatino can create an individualized plan of care to fit your health needs
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Monoclonal Antibody Therapy
The vaccines have been shown to be effective in treating patients and even reduce hospitalization by 60% including those who have been exposed to Delta.
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Covid-19 Vaccine Boosters
At this time, additional third vaccine doses are available for certain immunocompromised individuals. The criteria broadly includes anyone being actively treated for cancer, has previously received an organ transplant or has a chronic disease that is known to suppress the immune system.
Covid-19 Services & Care

Covid-19 Testing
Testing Members have access to Covid PCR testing

Covid-19 Vaccines
 Vaccination protects you from severe disease, death, and has been shown to minimize symptoms of the Delta variant in Covid positive patients. Members have access to Pfizer or Moderna vaccines and, for those eligible, a third booster vaccine.
Covid-19 Recovery Team
For those who are suffering from COVID or long term COVID we have access to top specialists to provide a recovery plan for ongoing health issues and symptoms. 
At-Home Covid-19 Management System
 If diagnosed with COVID you can be a part of our at-home management system that includes vital sign monitoring, as needed telemedicine check-ins and oxygen support if necessary. 
Travel Medicine Program
Dr Levatino can help you navigate ever-changing travel restrictions, provide clearance letters for return to travel or work, and provide pre/post travel COVID-19 testing.
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